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After every pump-out: Odor Ouster

Keeping head odors to a minimum is simple and inexpensive with the CORRECT add-in tank treatment. We offer our biodegradable product Healthy Boater as a service added directly into your holding tank from the fitting, for $7 additional per tank to your regular pump fee. Better yet, add it yourself and get 18 treatments for $30 plus tax and includes delivery to your boat.

How do we know it works so well? Here's the story: Our own holding tank is a bag design guaranteed to be odor proof from the top bladder tank manufacturer around. Eight months after installation it was subjected to Baja's legendary triple digit summer temperatures. We contacted the manufacturer to find that although guaranteed, the manufacturer won't replace it without the return of the original part, and for sanitary reasons it is impossible to return this "used" equipment.

Hmmm, can you say Catch 22? Long story short, the guarantee was worth the same thing that was inside the tank. The odor grew stronger and more evil every day and in no time had us sleeping on deck.

Let's face it it was embarassing. We are the poop professionals and our boat stinks? Seriously?! We tried several imported (from the US) products with no luck. On a trip back to SF Bay, we discovered Healthy Boater. While the others masked or slightly diminished the beastly offense to our sniffers, Healthy Boater had the boat odor ousted within a day. Truly impressive - so much so that we decided to offer it to you, our valued clientele.

It really works, is environmentally responsible, doesn't contain formaldehyde or other dangerous substances, and Healthly Boater comes with a 100% money back guarantee - and yes, this guarantee is good.