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Service Options and Rates

Holding Tank Mobile Pump-out

We offer mobile pump-outs both on-call and regular schedules. Register for Weekly or Bi-Weekly* service and get a 10% discount. Prices are based on your vessel tank size.

Up to 40 gallons: $33.00

41-65 gallons: $38.00

66-90 gallons: $43.00

91-115 gallons: $53.00

116+ gallons: contact us for tailored rates

Additional Tanks: $10 per tank fitting


Holding Tank Maintenance

ODOR OUSTER: $5 per tank (Biodegradable Tank Treatment)

FLUSH: $10 per tank (Freshwater Flush)

ODOR OUSTER 18oz Container: $20 + tax (Tank Treatment, 18 uses)

CLUSTER BUSTER: $60 up to 40 gal + 2 POs (Full Enzyme Treatment)

Holding Tanks System Repair and Rebuilds

We have a dedicated repair department that can help you get to the bottom of your holding tank issues. Some of the common Marine Sanitation Device (MSDs) components we work on are . . . VacuFlush, Microfiore, Lavac, Groco, Wilcox Crittenden, Sealand, Dometic, Johnson, Whale, Raritan, Shurflo, and Thetford.

We also service and install Ronco and Todd tanks as well as Fireboy Xintex Tank Monitors and Hart Systems Tank Tender.

We pretty much service and install any legal onboard MSD out there--our methods are clean and green, so you know we are taking care of you, your boat, and your environment. Contact our repair department to find out what we can do for you!

Marina Pump-Out Station Repair and Installation